20 Best New Restaurants of 2012


9 Pork Belly

chimichurri sprouts

9 Prawns

calabrian chili, garlic

9 Albondigas

cidre, parsnip

9 Piquillo

marinated in chili and basil oils

Small Plates-Seafood

15 Mussels

chorizo, gallego style

12 Pate Atum

portugese tuna pate, grilled bread

14 Shrimp Cake

herb salad, lemon aioli

16 Octopus

grilled, gallego style

Small Plates-Vegetables

10 Heirloom Beets

whipped goat cheese, braised radicchio

11 Moroccan Veg Tagine

cous cous, harissa, marconas

10 Market Salad

daily selection

9 Hummus/Ajvar

House Pita

8 Neevik

spinach, chick peas, garlic

Small Plates-Meats

13 Smoked Med Wings

house hot sauce, three cheese spread

16 Salade Gourmande

duck three ways, farm greens, house vinaigrette

14 Carpaccio

Harry's bar style

Larger Plates

28.5 Veal Marsala

classic preparation, fresh wild mushrooms, spaghettini

MKT Chef’s Seafood Selection

Fresh Daily Offering

24 Amish 1/2 Chicken

artichokes, preserved lemon, olives, farro

29 Steak Frites

wood grilled 8oz flatiron, choice of bernaise or green peppercorn sauces** **choose both for an additional $4

Housemade Flatbreads

15 Heirloom Apple

walnuts, grand crus surchois, saba

16 Duck Sausage

provolone, smoked tomato, basil

16 Bacon Date

goat cheese, romesco, arugula


16.5 Porcini Risotto

porcini mushrooms, shaved cured egg yolk

17 Agnolotti

maiale al latte, truffle cream

16 Gnocchi

veal ragu, seared pear, frico


8 Seasonal Fruit Crumble

8 Cheesecake

mediterranean style, creme anglaise

8 Pot de Crème

chocolate hazelnut

14 Daily Cheese Plate