★ ★ ★ ★ – Julia Kramer


9 Mushroom

hazelnut, sherry jus

9 Pork Belly

chimichurri sprouts

9 Polenta Prawn

spicy aioli

9 Albondigas

cidre, parsnip

9 Piquillo

marinated in chili and basil oils

Small Plates-Seafood

13 Shrimp Dolmades

lemon hollandaise

9 Pate Atum

portugese tuna pate, grilled bread

15 Falafel Crab Cakes

lump crab, chick peas, cilantro, tzatziki

16 Octopus

grilled, gallego style

Small Plates-Vegetables

9 Farro Salad

watercress, feta, pumpkin seed oil

9 Brussel Sprouts

chili, bacon, maple butter

9 Heirloom Beets

whipped goat cheese, bull's blood micro greens

9 Hummus/Ajvar

House Pita

7 Neevik

spinach, chick peas, garlic

Small Plates-Meats

14 Glazed Veal Cheeks

Baker Miller grits, piperade

12 Duck Leg Confit

fresh figs,chestnuts, fregola and saba drizzle

11 Duroc Spare Rib

duroc spare rib, sweet onion bbq

Larger Plates

24 Sakura Pork Chop

bean ragu, rapini

MKT Whole Roasted Fresh Fish

Mediterranean Coastal Style

23 Amish 1/2 Chicken

yukon gold potato puree, thyme

25 Steak Frites

wood grilled 8oz flatiron, choice of bernaise or green peppercorn sauces** **choose both for an additional $4

Housemade Flatbreads

15 Mushroom

wild mushrooms, fontina, black truffle

15 Duck Sausage

provolone, smoked tomato, basil

14 Roasted Squash

smoked cacciocavera, vin cotto, sage


17 Pappardelle

classic lamb bolognese

15 Ravioli

spinach and ricotta filled, salt pork marinara


8 Seasonal Crisp

8 Cheesecake

mediterranean style, creme anglaise

8 Pot de Crème

chocolate hazelnut

14 Daily Cheese Plate