Winterizing the Greenhouse

This week we are working on a new menu but on the greenhouse front we have been winterizing in the hopes of carrying on through at least December and hopefully through the whole winter. We are constructing some simple screen bottom planter boxes with handles, about 12 inches deep. This should maximize our growing area and make moving things around simpler.

We have also hung grow lights on one side of the greenhouse as we have learned that we need both regular sun and grow lights to make plants the most happy in the winter months.
Additionally we will be insulating the bottom of the greenhouse with hay bales so that we can insulate from wind as a draft, we have been told by a greenhouse expert is a winter plants worst enemy. We will also be installing a small heater and placing an open rain barrel we have cut in half inside to increase humidity.

Lastly we bought a very cool 80 gallon rolling composter for a very inexpensive $49 at costco. We will compost all of the summer tomato plants and other seasonal plants as well as various kitchen veg scraps to create compost to help fertilize our winter greenhouse. Last great tip we got was to place a few bricks inside the composter which will ensure we keep the organic matter inside moving around. Great tips and stay tuned for some photos of the winter greenhouse.
Next week we begin a short blog series from Chef Pancake reflecting back on the time he and Chef Partridge lived and cooked in Spain. Should be a great set of stories!