Pulled My Chair Up Close To The Mediterranean Table!

Sometimes it is easy to forget some of the simpler pleasures of life. Here at AM we were reminded of this recently when we welcomed our marketing intern Duri Kwon, who is joining us on an exchange program from her native South Korea. Among the things included in her orientation to the restaurant was some basic training in Mediterranean food and wine.

She is also learning to work with us on our blog and other projects, so we asked her to write a practice entry about an experience here, working with us. She chose to write about the Grilled Octopus dish she tasted as her first experience with Med food. We were so smitten by her description we thought we would share it here on the blog with all of you…….hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Thanks Duri and welcome!

Med 101 – by Duri Kwon

My first week at Autre Monde Café was a series of surprises. It started with the menu. It was easiest, to start by pick out the terms that I recognized. French & Spanish were familiar but Italian terms… not so much! Welcome to the Mediterranean table!

Though I had not eaten Mediterranean style octopus in Korea, I believed the flavors would be similar to an octopus dish at home. The Grilled Octopus l’escala was served to me glistening, under the intimate lights, octopus nestled with bright, red tomatoes on a long white dish, looked inviting and worked up my appetite. I expected a flavor & texture that were salty and hard; but my first bite of octopus told me I was wrong. The flavor was AMAZING. The texture was very simple, tender like beef, but sweeter. I cleared my plate, this was just as filling as a steak! Now, I have to get ready for the many additional menu surprises that await me.

Mediterranean food at Autre Monde, first impression, is creative and the flavor is beyond my imagination. I am passionate about experiencing more. I have already begun to think about how I can share this delicious feeling with others. For today, since I am still learning the finer points of English I will say it in my native Korean. If you tried something amazing there and wanted to tell others how good it was, you would just say ‘kkeut nae jaw yo’ with no doubt.