Sustainable Seafood 101

Seafood Watch

[dropcap1]A[/dropcap1]s the hood is being hung and the drywall goes up on the walls, we wanted to take a moment out to discuss sustainable seafood. We all know the Midwest has plenty of freshwater fish but when it comes to what we consume much of that comes from the oceans. Place your average Midwesterner in front of the seafood counter or a restaurant menu and we are a lot less confident about which items might be sustainable. While we may not all seek the briny goodness of the sea, for those of you who do we hope you will find the following information helpful.

Before discussing the the informative sources available, we would like to address the question of which type of fish is “best”. There is a lot of discussion about farm raised vs. wild caught, etc. This is where, in our opinion, research & personal choice must come into play. To decide what your own criteria is, getting informed is key.

First, let’s take a gander at the word sustainable. Distilled to the simplest explanation, it refers to the ability of a species to endure and be productive. In other words, we can reasonably consume such species, without damaging their ability to reproduce and thrive or significantly damage their ecosystem (other creatures who may rely on them for food or vice versa, keeping populations in check). With that said, sustainability is an evolving thing, with the ebb and flow of nature and our impact on it. This ever changing set of circumstances warrants that we have some reliable sources to obtain such info easily . Fortunately, in a world of Apps your answers are only as far away as the nearest smartphone or iPad. If you want to explore the concept of seafood sustainability there are many options for help. (more…)